what’s the difference?…

As events continue to unfold in Syria and the world looks on, wondering what to do, I too wonder…what would we do if the atrocities heaped upon the Jews by Hitler…were to play out in today’s society?

Adolf Hitler in Yugoslavia.

Would we vacillate about Hitler…as we are vacillating about Asad?

Would we allow German Jews to be killed by non-German Jews…as we sit by and watch pro-government Syrians murder those opposed to the government?

Would we complain of war weariness having fought one world war…as we are complaining of the several wars already fought in the Middle East?

Would we oppose President Roosevelt’s taking us to war…as we are now opposing President Obama’s efforts to level the playing field in the Syrian civil war?

Would we stand by as Jews are gassed to death…as we now watch as Syrians are poisoned by lethal chemicals?

Do we value Syrians less than we value Jews? Or do we value others’ lives…

…less than we value our own?…


Propaganda Poster

4 thoughts on “what’s the difference?…

    • I’ve been away from the news for a few days helping our daughter settle into her new dance gig so Syria’s been off my radar. Nonetheless, I’m sure the war rages on…and nothing’s being done to help many innocent people caught up in a civil war not necessarily of their own making. Not that I would know what to do about the situation either. I’m just one person…wondering…


    • Thanks for the reminder, although I knew it took Japan’s bombing of Pearl Harbor to catapult the U.S. off its comfort zone and into WWII. Maybe that’s what we need…another 9-11. God forbid. Although God might not be too happy with “Adam and Eve” these days.


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