three dimensional…

Just like my writing, I think of myself as a three-dimensional person. 

I’m compassionate and I’m edgy. Those who have followed along with my blog since its inception in 2010 have probably gathered as much.

Humor, of which mine is the tongue-in-cheek variety, lightens the stresses of everyday life.

To always dwell in the softness of clouds is not my life, and therefore not my writing.

I leave sweetness to those who handle it more deftly.

Others perceive what they will from what I write.

I myself tread lightly when looking into their souls.

For I know not from where they have evolved.

As they know not from whence I came.

Veils lift…shadows give way.

Accept what’s there,

…as it is offered.


4 thoughts on “three dimensional…

  1. Hugmamma, I totally agree. We have to be ourselves whether others like it or not. I try to always be honest, and I can’t afford to live in a dream world as others depend on me. I pray and do the best I can. I firmly believe that we’re gifted with common sense for a reason and are meant to use it. Bless you and hugs. 🙂 —Susan


  2. I, too, am a palate of many shades. My tendency is to be lighter than dark, more innocent than cynical.But I know both sides. You write something and the world thinks it is you. Which it is — yet it’s not. Not all. I had a problem not long ago in that something I wrote tongue-in-cheek was more tongue and less cheek, causing a misunderstanding that upset both parties. So our words are our tools. We have to learn to communicate without revealing all. That is the beauty — and mystery — of writers.


    • One of my previous posts, a writing challenge, seemed to upset a reader, another writer who blogs, because I wasn’t staying on track with what they perceived I am about. A writer is the sum total of all that they write. It seemed obvious that this person had not read my entire archive of posts. We are who we are…tongue and all. And if one doesn’t suit, there are millions of others from whom to choose. hugs for sharing your experience.

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hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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