journeying towards her best life…#11

Tomorrow is Pat’s second chemotherapy treatment. 

Earlier in the week I had asked if she was still feeling okay after her first treatment last Wednesday.

I’ve been feeling incredibly normal, not sick, good appetite, going about my everyday life.

Because of that, I’ve been just a little concerned.

I’m suppose to be sick, right?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m extremely thankful that so far…so good.

I read the daily Bible study passage this morning, from the book Kathi had given me. 

This is the line I got from it today…Enjoy the tempo of a God-breathed life by letting Me set the pace.

[I just got] “chicken skin”…[Hawaiian speak for…”goose bumps.”]

This evening Pat wrote me.

Tomorrow is Day 2 of my treatment.

I’m hoping the first go ’round is indicative of how all the future treatments go.

I’m feeling good, haven’t lost my appetite, and trying to maintain my weight.

Took a blood test yesterday and I think it looks good.

Results show my numbers are in the “normal” range.

All of my numbers in the CBC…Complete Blood Count…were within normal range.

I must admit, I’m still a little nervous about tomorrow.

So rather than focus on my treatment…I will focus on Julie since tomorrow’s her birthday.

I’ll have to remember to call her!

…me too
…happy birthday, julie!!!
………lots of hugs…pat and hugmamma.


6 thoughts on “journeying towards her best life…#11

  1. Good luck on your journey. It is nice to have family to support you. My mom who is 80 just finished a round of Chemo and Radiation and is waiting for the next phase of treatments. I think I stress more than she does having no siblings to talk to and trying to keep her spirits up. But do feel blessed to have her company a little longer.
    So may God bless you and I wish you the best on this journey you are taking.


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