…but not forgotten.

Trump is the president-elect, selected by Americans who felt disenfranchised from the mainstream populace. They have a right to glory in their achievement; let’s hope their trust is not misplaced.

For those of us who took Trump at his word, the ugly vitriol he bandied about to win at all costs, four years may not be enough to forget. Forgiving may not come easily either.

Why this man felt he had to trample all over the good name of millions of others, including Hillary Clinton and President Obama’s, in order to promote the TRUMP brand is a mystery. Obviously, we will never know. After all, he refuses to reveal the most basic of all presidential precedents…his tax forms.

I am glad millennials are protesting Trump’s victory. He must be held to a very high standard now that he has achieved what no right-thinking American thought was possible, including many of his supporters who agreed that he did not have the right temperament for the job. This generation of Americans must fight for their liberties, just as past generations have had to do. Only then will they realize the urgent need to safeguard what heretofore they might have taken for granted. They could not appreciate what might have been handed to them on a “silver platter.”

Trump is now facing his own “American Spring.” Just as Arab youth rallied to throw off the suppression of decades of dictatorships, the millennials in our country, and their elders, will have to fight to ensure that our democracy is upheld.

So much of Trump’s background remains outside of the general populace’s purview. Most don’t care to know what he brings to the presidency except for what he promised to bring them in the way of economic relief. Hopefully, the tradeoff will have been worth it to them…and to the nation as a whole.

I too wish Trump well as he tries to govern the nation. Although I will never like the man. He has shown himself to be a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. One cannot exist without the other. A 70-year-old man is unlikely to change the essence of who he is.

It’s been said that Trump is a man who craves approval. Few among us have been able to escape that very human of traits. It might even be seen as a flaw. We will have to see how Trump manages his need for approval. It is a double-edged sword. It can work for us, or against us. It will depend upon whose approval our president-elect requires, ours or that of special interests…like the NRA or Russia.

The millennials have taken up the role as protectors of our democracy and our constitutional rights as Americans. More power to them!

Republicans own the Federal government now. Let’s see how they get on with the business of fulfilling Trump’s promises to working class-whites. He may need the help of Democrats who are more inclined to help the downtrodden. It’ll be interesting.

I do hope, however, that the Democrats pursue Trump’s private life as it affects the office of the presidency…his personal lawsuits…his foreign business connections…his connections to the mafia, and felons accused of drug-trafficking…his proven personal use of charitable donations.  Republicans have spent millions of taxpayer dollars pursuing the Clintons for decades. Trump is not exempt from the same treatment.

Liking is as important as loving. Barack Hossein Obama is someone I both loved and liked as a human being and a president. His successor will never have my devotion as a woman, a wife, a mother, a human being, an American.

Trump is totally alien to who I am as a person of morals and compassion. Nonetheless…

…I wish him well.



8 thoughts on “gone…

    • Presidents Obama and Clinton championed HOPE…and we who embrace their politics…have hope. We are fortunate to have had such eloquent and compassionate leaders. We, the hopeful, will carry on their legacy. hugs…


  1. I agree that young people need our support but these marches are beginning to turn violent. That’s always the fear. Undesirable elements take advantage. Also, in the schools, the teachers and administrators are going to have to “nip in the bud” these demonstrations by white children whose parents were for Trump chanting things like “build a wall” causing Hispanic children to cry and be afraid. The parents need to be called in and advised of the problem. This is group bullying plain and simple. Trump has a lot to answer for and set right and I hope he has the good sense to start doing it. Already the KKK is bragging their members were responsible in large part for Trump’s winning the race. There is more than one “elephant in the room” and this filthy campaign has opened up a Pandora’s box of problems. Trump is going to have to help set things right. His supporters are already making demands he keep his promises and he’s made many. Let’s see what he does about it. He’s on the “hot seat” now. Good post, Hugmamma. —- Suzanne

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    • Trump has gotten what he wants from his supporters. Holed up in Trump Tower, he has nothing in common with them anymore. He’s now in his element, hobnobbing with the rich and powerful in Washington. He’ll soon discover what the Clintons first discovered upon moving from Arkansas to D.C. …inside the beltway, there’s a clique. And if Trump doesn’t “play ball” he may quickly find he has more enemies than friends. As Obama quickly learned when McConnell proclaimed that Republicans were going to sit out his presidency. Trump declared he wanted term limits for politicians. Over McConnell’s dead body…

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