It felt really good not to be blogging while I was in the throes of ridding my daughter’s apartment of bedbugs. Well, let’s just say hugmamma’s mind, body, and soul was the furthest thing from my mind. Uppermost, of course, were the bed bugs followed by the dive-bombing cicadas, the mid-90 degree temps, food poisoning, and the walk-in doc thinking I was having a stroke. So you see, I was really preoccupied.

But even after I returned to my empty nest and settled back into my same old routine, I stayed away from my laptop. I eventually mosied up to it just to check emails. But it was even some time before I did that. I knew there might be WordPress messages telling me that viewers had left comments or “likes.” Then you know, the inevitable happens…I just have to take a peek. Then a peek becomes one posting, then another, then another…and before you know it, I’m in it again 24/7.

Well here I am. Going at it night and day. I barely get ready to start the day. I’m still in my nightgown now. Haven’t had my first cup of tea…let alone breakfast. Mocha’s going to begin pacing any minute now. The kitties are going to start moving toward my hovel for their rationing of attention. Eventually, and I mean eventually, I get going. But my brain is still in writing mode, wanting to drag me back or it threatens to explode.

When I crawled under the covers last night, or rather at 2 a.m. this morning, I said a short prayer, and then I repeated “I’m not going to blog tomorrow. I’m not going to blog tomorrow.” And I wasn’t. Scout’s honor! But as I was applying mascara to the lashes on my second eyelid, I bolted for my laptop, turning it on, then ran back to finish fixing my face. The idea for this post just couldn’t wait another second.

So here I am, giving into my A-D-D-I-C-T-I-O-N. According to my friend Webster, addict…,v.t. 1. to cause to become physiologically dependent on a drug. 2. to abandon (oneself) to something compulsively or obsessively. … 

I guess my drug of choice is writing…blogging. It use to be shopping, but after the bedbug incident I’m cured of stuff. We all have habits that are hard to kick. My hubby falls asleep, snoring in front of the TV nearly every night. Most of his siblings do, I think. I know it was a nightly ritual for their parents. My brother Ben is a radio-talk-show-a-holic. Always has been; always will be. Don’t get him started on politics, religion, or anythingelse you hold sacred. My brother Ed is a tech-a-holic, stopping by once-in-awhile to impress me with his high-faluting geek speak. None of us are exempt from habits, good and bad. I’ve just got to balance the scales a little.

Now that I’ve gotten this out of my system, I’m off to work on nurturing my good habits, things I’m not addicted to doing, like housework, long, long walks with my best buddy, Mocha, and fraternizing with the weeds and mosquitoes. I will not be back here today…except maybe to visit other blogs…

you think?…wanna place any bets?…i’m not going to blog today…i’m not going to…hugmamma.  

11 thoughts on “addicted…me?…nahhh

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  2. My DH hates my blogging, he doesn’t understand it. Won’t use a computer now he’s retired – says he did enough of that when he was at work. I do it when he doesn’t realise – before he gets up, and after he goes to bed. No, I’m not addicted, I could definitely give it up. There’s no way that it has taken over my life – I mean, I can do several scheduled blog posts in one day – and have several blogs. That just means I have a lot to say – right?

    No, I’m not addicted…………


    • Thanks for stopping by, and leaving a comment. I’ve been by your blog and liked your writing and photos. Hope to be a regular visitor. And you’re right it could be worse, except I don’t know what could be worse for me than sitting here typing at 2:17 a.m. when I should be catching 40 winks, before starting this all over again. But my husband, crazy as he is, encourages my addiction…

      so who am i to complain? 🙂


    • Made you laugh? That’s the best compliment I could receive. As I age, I’m thinking when I grow up I’d like to be a stand-up comic. I doubt my hubby will cotton to the thought that he may land smack in the middle of my routine.

      Will have to do some soul searching…meanwhile glad I can make a few readers laugh. 🙂

      hugs for encouraging me though. 🙂


    • You know me too well, girlfriend! I still haven’t moved from my laptop. Drafted another post; saving it for later. Visited another blog site, in fact, the blogger who left the other comment here. She’s from Aussie land, you might want to check her out. Added her to my blogroll so I can stop by regularly. You can check her by clicking on “Chronicles of Illusions” when you visit my blog. Make it easier for you.

      us seniors have to stick together…techy-wise…and otherwise, by the way, thanks for leaving a comment here…means a lot!

      hugs…your bff…hugmamma. 🙂


  3. I’m sitting here reading this in my pjs, the dog has given up and gone back to my bed, the cats are bumping my legs demanding food, and I freely admit to being with you wholeheartedly – addicted to the word and the blog. 🙂 This was a great read. Loved every word.


    • Made a quickie visit to your blog. Loved it. Will be by regularly. You’re my first buddy from your neck of the woods. Am delighted! Your comment is extra meaningful since you’re a writer.

      huge hugs for the “thumbs up”…and i’m glad to know another partner in crime…blogging…yikes! 🙂


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