365 photo challenge: quits

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Deciding to marry, my daughter’s friend Krissy vacated her 1-bedroom apartment. We visited it after most of her furnishings were removed because my daughter was next in line to rent it. I took snapshots of the spaces so that I could help her with furniture placement, as well as deciding what she’d need to give away since my daughter was downsizing from a 2-bedroom.

We both knew from the get-go that Goodwill would be the beneficiary of a lot of stuff. I don’t know if they were as grateful as she, when they saw 4 carloads coming their way. In fact my daughter’s friend had to tell the loading dock guy to take it easy with some of the bags because there were some good hand-me-downs in them. The guy didn’t seem to care. He’d probably had to handle so much of other people’s junk that he’d become jaded to the so-called “treasures.” Other people’s junk to him was probably just that…junk. Not treasures as in the old saying “other people’s junk…are some people’s treasures.” 

It seemed appropriate to share these photos of the nearly vacant apartment, before my daughter took occupancy. You’ll have to wait to see how it’s furnished now, as I’ve yet to take pictures. 

calling it………quits……….hugmamma.

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6 thoughts on “365 photo challenge: quits

  1. It looks like a nice, bright apartment.

    I know what you mean about the Goodwill. I carefully fold the clothes and make sure the pairs or sets of things are together and watch them all get tossed into a bin.


    Oh well. Sometimes you’ve just got to let go.


    • I know. I know. I don’t dwell on what my daughter said about delivering the goods to Goodwill, cause I’ll rewind mentally and wish I’d looked for smaller charities that could’ve used the items. Under the circumstances of that “move from hell,” I could do no more. My energy and stamina were completely spent. Oh well… 😉


  2. A beautiful blank slate to work with, but I’ll bet you and your daughter made the apartment look even better. I like your decorating style – especially the way you incorporate vintage items.
    We just happened to drive by our local Goodwill store on January 1, 2011. There were at least fifteen garbage bags full of donations piled high on the sidewalk, but the stoor was closed. A bunch of ragged kids were going through the garbage bags and taking what they wanted. So the statement that “other people’s junk…are some people’s treasures.” is very true.
    My daughter’s blog is private, but she said that she sent you an invitation. Tara (my daughter) must really like your writing.
    Take care. -Theresa


  3. Nice looking apartment.

    I guess it depends on the Goodwill store. Ours always seem delighted with whatever we have to offer. We also donate to Habitat for Humanity for sale in their re-store. They also seem delighted with the donations.


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