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For the Young at Heart

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We can learn a lot from one another…the not-so-young…and the young.

Among the subscribers to hugmamma’s mind, body, and soul are some who are “on the cusp”…20-something-year-olds. Their outlook on life is refreshing…simpler… not yet burdened with the baggage of experiences…good and bad. They speak their minds without fear of consequences…without concern for approval or disapproval. Those I refer to herein have left comments on my posts which suggest there is no generation gap. And there isn’t, if our hearts and minds are open to one another’s lives…without preconception…without judgment. I’m extremely grateful to have their attention…and input…however long the duration.

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I was very fortunate to have another young blogger as a regular visitor when I was still a novice to WordPress. I was overwhelmed by her continuous praise, support and technical assistance. I returned her kindnesses and became an ardent supporter of her blog as well. But then she disappeared from my life altogether. After visiting her blog a few times, I understood that perhaps we parted company because of political differences. And my feeling was, and is, that those who are still in the midst of building their lives need to do just that. At some point we, their elders, must relinquish them to find their own way. We need no longer be at the forefront, showing them how. 

Now, with the three young bloggers I’ve mentioned, I find we have  things in common. My Web Log seems to share my sense of curiosity about the world in which we both live, albeit from different perspectives. Please Stay Curious shares my sense of living in the moment, through the ups and downs of our lives.Truth With Doriswritten by an “old soul,” is someone who shares my love of yesteryear and my decorating preference for comfy…cozy…and intimate.

Arnab Ghosh, the blogger at My Web Log kindly invited me to write a guest post. Click on, to view my thoughts on bridging the gap between generations.

The young female blogger at Please Stay Curious writes like a novelist. Two of her posts left me breathless for more. Romance and intrigue hung in the air. I had to ask if what she wrote was truth or fiction. I was pleased when she replied that the events she wrote of had, in fact, happened to her. I’m awaiting her third installment… to see WHAT HAPPENED??? She’s got me on pins and needles…!!!

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From a comment she left on one of my posts, Doris of Truth With Doris  let me know that she loves her mom. I immediately imagined them to have a relationship like that of me and my daughter. Doris also said she was a year older than my daughter. Further revelations made me feel more and more in sync with a young woman I’d never met. She loves the music from my era, recommending I search the internet for youtube videos of such singers as Doris Day and Dean Martin. And viewing photos of what Doris imagines to be beautiful, I find that she and I have similar tastes there as well…vintage…country…shabby chic…soft colors.

Looking past our differences in age and culture…Arnab is from India, Doris is from Belgrade, Serbia and the other young lady is from the U.K. …I find we share common interests, attitudes and thoughts. I recommend you visit their blogs and be charmed as I am by 3 young adults who see the world…with so much promise for the future. Something shared by all of us…young and old…

whether looking forward…or remembering what it was like…when we were young………hugmamma. 


9 thoughts on “age doesn’t matter…

  1. I certainly have to agree that this post is awesome…!
    Another big thank you, really, it’s really nice to hear that someone, no matter what the age, thinks with such an open mind and chooses to share it. It’s really rare and you’ve inspired me to write more, so watch this space 🙂


    • My pleasure to introduce you to my readers. I hope they take my recommendation and visit your blog. I’m sure they’ll feel as I do, that you’re a novelist in the making. 🙂


  2. Awesome post this one.
    But one thing, it would be great if you provide a link to the “Please stay curious” blog because I wanted to view it and couldn’t find it.


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