It might seem to some of you that I’m forever making reference to certain failings of mine.

Why is that you ask?

Some time ago I read a small, thin paperback on how to write well. One piece of advice stood out from the rest.

Write what you know. That’s just what I’ve tried to do.

For some time now I’ve had health concerns…from chronic inflammation…to digestive issues.

A firm believer in alternative medicine, I see a massage therapist monthly and a chiropractor as needed.

Within the last year or so, things have gone haywire.


naturopath (Photo credit: mugley)

I chalked it up to old age and moved forward as best I could.

I sought help from everyone in my bag of medical practitioners….family doctor…hand orthopedist…gastroenterologist…chiropractor…massage therapist…physical therapist…and most recently, a naturopath.

I credit all of them for bringing me along physically, mentally, and even emotionally.

What I’ve learned from all of them…and from my daughter, a professional dancer…is that life makes perfect health...impossible!

The experts do their best to get my body functioning again. However a resumption of my normal activities eventually erodes the progress made.

That’s life…in a nutshell!

Every now and then, however, there are “aha” moments.

Today I had a followup appointment with my naturopath. I left her office with a lot of good, useful information.

I discovered I’m sensitive to certain foods…almonds, walnuts, peanuts, sesame, wheat, eggs and egg yolks (from chickens…I can eat the ones ducks lay), pineapple, green beans and lima beans, cauliflower, mushrooms, garlic, both baker’s and brewer’s yeast, cheddar cheese, and yogurt.

How will I ever forgo…peanut butter slathered on a slice of bread? Asian food cooked in sesame oil? The occasional glass of wine or fruity martini?

Only time will tell, I guess.

Then there’s the fact that the level of the good bacteria in my stomach is too low to offset the effects of my bad bacteria. As a result, sugar intake increases the growth of the bad bacteria.

Oy vay!

These lips will never taste sugar again. It’s a good thing I got my fill of holiday candies and cookies when I did.

My thyroid is slightly elevated. “Why the concern?” I asked. “It affects your metabolism.” I was told. No doctor had ever…in my 63 years…mentioned my thyroid. Let alone test it.

Now for a little good news. The ratio of my good cholesterol to my bad cholesterol…HDL to LDL…is 1.8. Well within the acceptable range of 0.0-3.2.

As a result of what we learned from my blood tests, we discussed the diet I should follow over the next several weeks. After that I’ll check back to discuss how it affected my overall health.

If the news is positive, I’ll  reintroduce some of the questionable foods to see how well I tolerate them. Eggs being the first challenge, according to my naturopath.

Following that eye-opening appointment, I had another one with the chiropractor.

Since my favorite practitioner had the day off, I was treated by a doctor who had recently joined the staff.

After an adjustment that took roughly 20 minutes, I left the office talking to myself.

“WOW!!! Oh, my God! I feel great! My back feels great! My hand feels great! My hips don’t ache! I feel taller! I can stand up straight! I don’t feel so fatigued! My head isn’t fuzzy!”

On and on I mumbled, unable to fathom that all my symptoms could be completely cured in such a short time.

Upon “returning to earth,” I knew it’d take a day or two for my body to settle into the adjustment. Another visit with the chiropractor on Monday will ascertain whether or not he needs to do any tweaking.


My faith in alternative health practitioners has grown steadily over the years. They have helped me understand my body. From them I have learned to take precautionary measures to ensure…quality of life…as I continue to age.

…i write about…what i know…


14 thoughts on “wellness…

  1. Oh goodness whatever will we do?! It’s just all too much. I just discovered that my blood pressure is up again! To the point of where I had to start taking meds in the first place. So with insurance or job for hubby at this moment I told my doctor via phone that I would try taking an extra half of a tablet. That makes it go too far down and I feel horrible. I don’t need this right now. They have tested my thyroid many times and it’s always fine even though I am not. I just sleep when I need to and fit life in where I can.


    • I’m sure the stress of your current situation adds to the spike in your blood pressure. Have you tried any natural remedies to calm yourself. They might do double duty and bring your blood pressure down. Stress can bring on all kinds of ailments. Please take care, my friend. Will pray for your serenity…


    • I am looking at possibilities for yoga classes. Since I’m a beginner, the options seem limited. But I won’t give up at this point…it’s been a long time thinking. Time to act! I’ll think about pilates once the yoga class is well underway.

      hugs for the suggestions! 🙂


        • If I can just find the right class within a short distance from my home. If I lived in Seattle, I’m certain the offerings would be more abundant. But I’ll keep searching, dear friend. Thanks for the support. 🙂


          • I have the same dilemma, so I practice at home as often as I can. A class is a treat for me every once in a while. I look out for free or almost free classes; the Yoga studio I go to offers classes to aid local nonprofits; you donate what you can. They are often held outdoors by waterside, Omh….!


            • Exercising outdoors is a treat. Something commonplace in my native Hawaii. Not something we do here in the rainy, cold, suburbs of Seattle.

              I might try a Level One yoga class in nearby town. I’d really like to connect with good instructors. Don’t want to suffer a setback in my health because of bad yoga.


    • This very day I’m headed out to see a place where I might attend yoga and meditation classes. I’ve thought of doing both for some time. I’m reluctant to give up the exercise classes I’ve attended until now, more or less regularly. However, they might have contributed to my chronic inflammation and intermittent jammed pelvis. As I’m aging I’m inclined to think I need something gentler…like yoga.

      hugs for the concern…and suggestion. 🙂


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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