friday fictioneers: …of butterflies and innocents…

Copyright - Renee Heath

It felt like my insides were oozing out through all my pores,

as my tears spilled uncontrollably down my cheeks.

Could my heart break any more than into a million, tiny pieces?

I drown in sorrow. 

What madness this that another mother’s offspring should savagely gun down my own?

Is there no safe haven for the butterfly, newly emerged from its cocoon?

What price heaven, that my innocent should die?

As for me…

I will glue my brokenness back together again.

I will live happily…as best I know how.

Until my eyes light once more…

on my beloved butterfly.



14 thoughts on “friday fictioneers: …of butterflies and innocents…

  1. I will glue my brokenness back together again. This is a lovely line. Thank you for this sad and gentle reminder of a truly senseless act. I don’t know how that town will ever be truly glued back together


    • Sorry. You’re right. You’d have to get inside my mind to discover the thread. My story arises from an elementary school massacre which happened a couple of years ago in the small hamlet of Newtown in the state of Connecticut. I think 30 first graders were gunned down by a mentally deranged young man in his 20s. The parents of those innocents are still coping with their loss. Their plight coupled with my own deep, abiding love for my only child gave rise to this tale…of butterflies as yet untainted…dying before their wings are fully spread. Hope this helps…


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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