parents matter…

The role we play in the lives of our children really does have a lifelong impact. Whether we are good at it or not so good, will affect the adults our children grow up to become. It follows the rule of…cause and effect.

For most of us the path is unpredictable. It’s not like hitting a bull’s eye with a bow and arrow. Or is it?

I’ve never shot an arrow, but I imagine that when you pull the arrow back there’s a quiver in the movement which you must control so as to hit the target. That momentary quiver might be compared to the push and pull parents and children engage in as they strive to become independent. Not all “hit the mark” set by society.

Special needs children are doubly challenging for parents ill-equipped to manage their youngster’s early years, not to mention when they become teenagers and young adults. Their journey towards independence requires a lot more strength…to keep the bow from quivering so much that the arrow misses its mark altogether. More patience is required to keep a steady hand, no matter the repetitive practice involved.

Introducing guns into the mix is likely to upset the fine balance necessary in youngsters’ lives already compromised. Once they begin to think for themselves, they begin to make their own judgement calls.

A gun in the hand of a youngster beset by his own trials and tribulations can be a tool to end it all…as in the cases of the Newtown, Connecticut and Umpqua,Oregon shooters.

California just adopted the “right to die” law allowing assisted suicide for terminally ill patients. It is only the 5th state to enact this law. A testament to the fact that lawmakers, all right-thinking adults politically appointed to make decisions for their constituency, have pondered long and hard whether or not to allow suicide under any circumstance.

Why then would a parent put a gun in the hands of a youngster who, at times, struggles with life? The responsibility if he takes his own life and the lives of others must be shared by those making guns accessible to him…

…including those who love him.


friday fictioneers: …of butterflies and innocents…

Copyright - Renee Heath

It felt like my insides were oozing out through all my pores,

as my tears spilled uncontrollably down my cheeks.

Could my heart break any more than into a million, tiny pieces?

I drown in sorrow. 

What madness this that another mother’s offspring should savagely gun down my own?

Is there no safe haven for the butterfly, newly emerged from its cocoon?

What price heaven, that my innocent should die?

As for me…

I will glue my brokenness back together again.

I will live happily…as best I know how.

Until my eyes light once more…

on my beloved butterfly.



rare breed of men…

Governor Cuomo of New York and Governor Hickenlooper of Colorado deserve thunderous applause.  They have stood up to gun rights activists who refuse to reign in the ability of individuals to massacre others in seconds.

Welcome to America

Welcome to America (Photo credit: Alan Cleaver)

Pitting their Second Amendment rights to bear arms against innocent lives lost, extremists have dug in their heels refusing to do anything about the bloodshed.

So while the rest of us hope and pray we and our loved ones don’t get caught in the cross-fire, those set on only protecting their rights as written on a piece of paper inadvertently assist the lunatics in our society who are hell-bent on doing harm.

Thank God two brave politicians have stepped forward to take up the cause of the victims.

…like newtown’s 5 and 6 year olds…and those who tried to shield them from 151 bullets…

Republicrat Pundit Offers Proposals In Respons...

Republicrat Pundit Offers Proposals In Response To The Newtown Massacre (Photo credit: tomblanton1957)