BPD and parenting

A writer whose hope soars heavenward, even as she stands in quicksand. Her life…a prayer.


A while ago I was asked by a fellow blogger about parenting and bpd (boarderline personality disorder) and how it affects my parenting and children. Most of my mental illness is minimised for them. They don’t know about my attempts or self harm. They know mummy was very sick and sad and was in hospital a few times. They know I’ve been in therapy and group. I’ve discussed the ins and outs. Why I did it, basically what it involves. I’ve been honest now when mummy is sad. It’s ok mummy is allow to cry or get angry sometimes. But mummies skills will make it better. They have both seen how low I was, and now how stable I am. I’ve had to gain their trust again. They were both scared they would have to move out again. It’s ongoing with their trust. It can take something simple as me…

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5 thoughts on “BPD and parenting

  1. Whats funny is that as you get older, you find yourself explaining more. I fear getting Altzhimers; I fear forgetting things, feeling too many things, letting my world slip out of my control. Which it never was in the first place. Thanks for sharing here article.


    • For some, like me, it’s hard to imagine that there are folks who live on the edge of life. I wouldn’t say I live in an ivory tower, but by comparison to this writer…I probably do.


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