england’s monarchy…still relevant?

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Image by AN HONORABLE GERMAN via Flickr

Thought I’d poll readers of hugmamma’s mind, body and soul as to your opinion about the relevance of the British monarchy going forward? What prompted my curiosity is that Bill Cafferty of CNN just revealed that a poll taken by anti-monarchy supporters showed that only 3% of Brits will be tuned into coverage of the wedding between William and Kate. Forty-six percent said they could care less. While only their countrymen know for sure why the disinterest, I wondered if you’d weigh in on the discussion.

As I indicated in the previous post, “entrepreneurialship..the royal connection,” I’m definitely up for the entertainment factor. Prince meets commoner, falls in love, and makes her his princess. I mean I grew up reading fairy tales, imagining my handsome knight in white armor would carry me off to his princely castle, on his magnificent steed. That romantic notion has been imbedded into my brain cells for more than half-a-century. So for me, being happy for Kate is part of the fibre of who I am.

Sleeping rough

Image by sk8geek via Flickr

On the other hand, the wealth of the monarchy in an economy where the masses over whom they are figurehead rulers, makes me wonder about its morality. Just as I’ve difficulty stomaching the upper echelons of society everywhere, having billions to pad their lifestyles, while the majority of the world lives in poverty, I can’t imagine twenty-something year olds William and Kate continuing the inheritance of wealth when people their age are sleeping rough,” as the prince himself has witnessed.

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II X

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But the decision is not mine to make, it belongs in the hands of English citizens…like Sylvia. And I know her opinion in the matter. But what’s yours? Leave a comment and we’ll see what “hugmamma’s” poll reveals. No comments will indicate the topic’s irrelevant.

can’t wait to see…what you think…

…..still relevant?…..hugmamma.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visiting ...

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8 thoughts on “england’s monarchy…still relevant?

    • That’s an excellent way of putting it! Maybe they’re relevant when they’re in the limelight for something good, and irrelevant when they’re spotlighted for something bad, as well as when they’re altogether not in the spotlight. That may be how life is in general, I guess. One of those life mysteries, I think. 😉


    • You’re right! That’s why sports is still relevant which keeps the multi-million dollar athletes cresting the waves, and reality TV stars serving as role models for today’s young. We, the people, really do have the power to make or break what’s served up. So right or wrong, we have a vote by watching or not watching. And it’s not an easy choice, that’s for sure.


  1. While there are many pros and cons, there is something to be said for tradition. You could ask a similar question about the Catholic Church and whether they should sell the many treasures in the Vatican and care for the poor and disenfranchised. Similarly should the nations of have provide more to the have nots……


  2. Well, I guess the ‘royals’ do serve a purpose. They serve as a reminder of the grand past
    when the British ruled the seas and almost half of the world. Sadly, the only purpose they
    now serve is fodder for the tabloids. And . . . .offering us an example of what ‘elitist welfarism’
    looks like. Thankfully, the civilized world find monarchs sooooo passe’. Not so dictators, though.
    Well, back to the battle against reviving the monarchy in Hawaii


    • So are you pro-monarchy, or in favor of its abolishment? Not that we Americans have any say, but just wondering which it might be?

      and thanks for commenting, ben…hugmamma. 🙂


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