365 photo challenge: easiest

Parenting isn’t the easiest job for sure…but it’s by far the most rewarding…and long term. Of the careers I’ve had, and there’ve been a few, being a stay-at-home mom has taught me the most about life…and about myself.

Caring for the well-being of another, a daughter who looked to me for comfort, guidance, and love, I had to venture outside my own comfort zone and do whatever needed doing. I wore many “hats” to suit the need. I grew in self-assurance and self-esteem. I found my voice and spoke up, and I learned to growl if my cub was threatened.

When I became a mom, I met the real me. Before then I was buried beneath others’ expectations, and my own insecurities. My daughter freed me…to be myself. To parent I needed to bring my talents and strengths to the task. To do so I had to gradually extricate myself from all the stuff with which I’d been saddled, whether of my own doing, or others.

And yet, parenting is still not the easiest of careers. But it’s the only one to which I’d dedicate my life…

…all over again………hugmamma.

10 thoughts on “365 photo challenge: easiest

  1. While not the easiest the most rewarding on many fronts and like a ripple in a still pond spreading out to affect many others in many ways…….


  2. Very well said! I feel the same way about my two daughters. We have our ups and downs. But, through it all, we will always love and respect each other. -Theresa


  3. Very provocative post, as usual, hugmamma. It made me think to ask my wife about this this evening. I never really thought about parenthood this war, about stretching beyond our comfort levels, about growing in “self-assurance and self-esteem”. I guess I am too busy thinking about my inadequacies, how could have handled this or that better, to think much about my growth. I’m Catholic. We’re good at Guilt. Thanks for the thoughts.


    • The other valuable lesson I’ve learned…rather late in life…is not to beat myself up. I do what I can with what’s available at the time. I really don’t succumb to the advice of others. But I do listen very carefully to what my husband and daughter have to say. If I’m wrong, and I have been, I make amends…and move on. But instead of putting on a hair shirt, I tell myself I’m a good person…and I like me. I figured if this was the advice I was imparting to my daughter, then why not pay heed myself…I’m worth it too!

      whatever you do with love…is good. 😉


  4. Amen. And what a super job you did!
    Your thoughts on motherhood are very honest and refreshing. Too bad all mothers don’t use the same rules.


    • I appreciate the compliment, Sylvia, especially since it’s from a dear friend whose known me well these last 13 years or so. You’ve borne witness to my efforts as a mom, and been privvy to the ups and downs. But through it all my daughter and I have always loved and respected one another.

      i couldn’t ask for more…hugs for the comment. 🙂


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