weekly photo challenge: on top

Sitka’s favorite place…ON TOP…always!
IMG_4985Misha likes being ON TOP as well! 

IMG_4881Mocha likes resting her head ON TOP her blankie.

IMG_4810Brothers Juneau and Sitka love being ON TOP of………hugmamma.


2 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: on top

  1. Great animal pictures. Really cute. XD Every once in a while our kids email cat pictures. My son and his family have one male black cat. My daughter has two cats, one female and one male. All the cats were adopted from an animal shelter.


    • I adopted Juneau and Sitka from our animal shelter the day after 9/11. I happened to be at a Barnes and Noble in Nashville when I adopted Mocha from an animal shelter that had brought their cats and dogs to the mall. Misha is a purebred I got from a breeder for my daughter when she lived in Atlanta. Our menagerie has come from all over, as you can see.


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