weekly photo challenge: grand

Hubby and I were very fortunate to cruise the British Isles a couple of years ago on the Grande Dame of vessels…the Queen Mary 2. Getting lost was always a definite possibility.

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…but discovering all the nooks and crannies…was well worth the adventure…


14 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: grand

  1. wow, what an adventure! a grand adventure, for sure. if you hadn’t included the images of her on the water, it was almost unbelievable to think that this was all aboard a single vessel. thanks for sharing.


    • I think my mouth fell open when we walked through the main door into the portico. Like you, I couldn’t imagine a ship looking like a grand hotel land-side. It was quite simply…fantastically over-the-top.


    • My husband’s in the cruise business. The trip was shamelessly affordable. Neither of us came from rich…my single mom raised 9 children when dad died…my husband is the eldest of 12. The only way I can mingle with the upper crust is as a “stow away”…watching the supposed beautiful people waltz by as if in a dream. Theirs…not mine. I’m a homebody. My fantasy is snuggling with my family and furry critters in the warmth and coziness of a house filled with vintage furnishings and lots of laughs and love…and scrumptious eats! 🙂


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