weekly writing challenge: my funny valentine

IMG_4789Mocha delights our family so much. We all agree she’s “our funny valentine.”  We’re certain she doesn’t intend to make us laugh with her comedic antics, but she does.  We never know what to expect from her, although she has her own idiosyncrasies which we find adorable.

For starters, Mocha’s ears have teeny minds of their own. One stands straight up; the other folds in half. It perks up only if Mocha needs both ears to hear something unusual. Otherwise it prefers lying down on the job.

The beagle in Mocha gives her that gleam in her eyes. When she thinks she’s done something wrong, she’ll look up with the whites of her eyes showing slightly under her brown pupils. It’s a sad, worrisome look as if to say “How can you scold me, when I’m so sad-looking?” Or sometimes that same look can seem defiant. It’s as if Mocha is thinking “I’m not so sure about you. Sometimes I think you lie.” Or “I don’t trust you. What are you up to now?”IMG_0762

Our Mocha is camera shy, especially if a flash goes off. She’s gotten use to having her picture taken with a cell phone. However any time I whip out my point and shoot, Mocha runs for cover.


Mocha grumbling is like music to our ears. She grumbles when we hug one another without including her. So we have to make sure to give her lots of hugs and attention too. She grumbles when we’re too slow getting our act together to take her outdoors. She grumbles when one of her feline siblings gets in her way. It doesn’t happen with regularity, but when Mocha grumbles we have a good belly laugh.IMG_2005

Barking is Mocha’s neighborhood trademark. She’s gotten better about it as she’s gotten older. However she still lets two-legged and four-legged critters know that they’re taking their lives into their hands and paws when they trespass upon her land. And she makes sure she marks every blade of grass when she’s out surveying her acreage.


Ever since she was a puppy, Mocha has kept us on our toes as regards what she will and will not, eat. We’ve tried every kibble and canned food known to man. I jest, of course. But it’s been a trick getting her to where she’s at 12 years later.

Mocha’s taste resembles that of a human, so we feed her dog food that we could eat were a catastrophic event to occur. I’d still probably have to hold my nose, and perhaps even close my eyes.

The temperature of the food has to be just right. So when we nuke leftover food, we have to check on it every half-minute or so. Adding kibble is also a guessing game. Sometimes we mix it into the wet food; sometimes it sits on top. Most times Mocha doesn’t care which it is. Other times, she’ll shove all the kibble to the edge and leave it there. Once-in-awhile, she’ll attempt to bury her food by using her nose to nudge the place mat over the plate. We’ve taken that to mean she’s not hungry at the moment, but it’s off-limits to the cats. And though she may walk away, Mocha’s back grumbling as soon as any of them happen to wander by her dinner.

Recently we learned that our beloved Mocha’s heart has a leaky valve. As a result, there’s fluid buildup. To counteract this, she gets a diuretic twice a day. And upon the recommendation of a cardiologist, she gets a “horse pill” twice a day. It’s not actually for horses, but I swear only a horse could get that sucker down its throat! Mocha needs half a pill two times a day, 12 hours apart. Getting her to take one dose can take up to 12 hours!

Most animals won’t be duped into taking their meds no matter how creative we get. Forget Mary Poppins’ supercalifragilistic mumbo-jumbo. Hiding Mocha’s pill in cheese no longer works, even when she gets an extra chunk. Now I’m crushing the horsey heart pill with my beautiful Portmeiron pestle in its matching mortar bowl. Its probably getting more use than it’s ever seen. An upside in this otherwise laughable predicament.

Where before things were a little touch-and-go with our beloved Mocha, now she seems a fraction of her former self. And that’s enough for our family. We’re not about to give up on our Mocha any time soon. After all…

…mocha’s  still our funny valentine…and we love her…to the moon and back!!!


16 thoughts on “weekly writing challenge: my funny valentine

  1. They are the best! What a sweet girl and great story! Can you imagine me giving Bumble 4 meds for his eye – that’s 13 times a day… Done it for two weeks and as a reward it’s finally getting better 🙂


    • God bless you! I’ve finally got Mocha’s meds down. They seem to be energizing her a little. Poor dear. I think she’d like to be up and running around like in the good old days. Wouldn’t we all? 😆


  2. From her barking to her neighborhood marking she is telling you she loves you too. She is cute and sounds like a huge personality who landed in a loving home. Take care, thank you for dropping by my blog.. Maria


  3. She brings so much delight into your life. You are getting very wily about the horse pills, it is sure not easy. Our Mirza, the English Setter, can eat every bit of the cheese and spit out the pill that was carefully hidden inside.


    • Last night while reorganizing the cupboard where I store all the pet paraphernalia, I came across those “magic” pill poppers. So this morning I split the “horse” pill in half, and then split that half into halves. I placed each smaller half into a “magic” pill popper, pretty certain that Mocha would sniff the pills inside and refuse to be duped. My hubby insisted it would work, so he gave Mocha the pills in the pill poppers. And voila! Magic! All gone! Mocha wasn’t the wiser. Although I’ll have to see if she takes them again. Pets usually catch on to these attempts to trick them. My husband said he gave the poppers to Mocha with the side showing the pill facing away from her so she wouldn’t sniff it. Again…only time will tell. hugs for your comment…


  4. Mocha is a definite character. My parents owned dogs when I was growing up, and they were all characters Each one was an individual. My daughter had various animal pets when she was growing up. She and my son are now both cat lovers. She has two, and he and his family have one.


    • You hit the nail on the head! Mocha’s inquisitive. Always looking and listening to see and hear what’s going on around her. She doesn’t want to miss out on a thing. She wants to be smack dab in the middle of everything. After all…she’s the star!!! ha, ha. 🙂


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