nurturing thursdays: kick back…you’re allowed!

I had someone ask me once why it was I couldn’t rebound as quickly as my husband from a trip abroad, especially since he reported back to work the day after we returned. The implication was that somehow I was a slacker. I who was a housewife with time on my hands. By that person’s standards, I’m sure I was. That she knew little about my daily routine seemed of little consequence. 

IMG_5044Criss-crossing the country these last 11 years to visit with my daughter has made traveling less than pleasurable. Bunking down on air mattresses for days or weeks at a time takes its toll on my arthritic back. Keeping up with a 27-year-old dancer’s hectic performance schedule is enervating, but it’s also a killer. The inability to maintain a healthy diet eventually takes its toll, as does losing track of my exercise regimen. My brain goes on vacation when I need it the most, and my body and I are left to fend for ourselves. The result is that I’m a total mess when I return home to my sanctuary for old-timers.

Since our daughter’s dance career changed directions a few months ago, our lives have been a mad dash to get her settled in, and moving on. Since September I’ve been to Houston and back 3 times. Each trip lasted only several days. In between trips, I’ve moved stuff around in my house, our storage unit, and elsewhere more times than I care to count…when our daughter moved home…when we helped settle her into her Houston rental…when her bedroom here was remodeled…when I sold antiques and collectibles at a local vintage fair…and when we helped our daughter pack up when she left Houston and headed for her two week gig in Pittsburgh.

My body finally came to a screeching halt when I returned home this week. Rebelling, it seemed to say “take care of me…or I’m outta here!”

Trying to re-acclimate to my diet this week while ramping up my exercises, sent my arthritis and fibromyalgia into overdrive. It didn’t help that I had scheduled back-to-back appointments every day, save Friday. On that day I could not drag myself out of bed.

I decided to take the advice of my physical therapist whom I saw on Wednesday. Darci, a compassionate young woman in her 30s, told me to listen to my body. She warned that I had  gone beyond my limits, and now I needed to stop…and take care of myself. Sad that I needed someone’s permission to put myself first.

My body needed to rest and recuperate. And it was up to me to see that it got it.

So I lay in bed, in pain, but at peace with the fact that I deserved to heal. I knew I would be no good to my husband or my daughter unless I was good to myself.

Nurturing ourselves is not a bad thing. 

…and don’t let anyone tell you differently.IMG_1415



11 thoughts on “nurturing thursdays: kick back…you’re allowed!

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  4. It is a wise body of yours to get your attention and inform you it’s time to take care of you … as we get older, it is hard to remember our bodies change as well. They need more TLC! Take care of yourself – you are the only edition of YOU. 😀


    • Was just thinking about you since we’d not been “in touch” in a little bit. Life knocks…and we have to let it back in. 🙂 But thanks for commiserating with me on this. Always good to know I’m not the only one who can be knocked off my feet from traveling. Sad too, since my husband’s in the industry. Perhaps if I’d not done so much plane-hopping to be with our daughter. But hey! No regrets there. None whatsoever. hugs…lots of ’em! 😆


  5. I struggle with this a lot, letting myself have a day off to heal will get me feeling better a lot quicker than if I just keep trying to power though it, but it makes me feel so guilty to just lie in bed all day, even if it’s better for me and my family!


    • I hear you, girlfriend. There’s this voice in my head that I’ve been battling for sometime that won’t let me escape others’ opinions. I’ve been learning to quiet it down by “talking” to myself. Telling myself things like…I’m not the center of other peoples worlds…that they’re not focusing upon me the way I think…that they’re busy with their own lives, so I should just live my own, the way that’s best for me and mine. I think it’s my Catholic school education catching up with me…the guilt thing. ha, ha. I’ll pray that you find a way to harness your struggles with letting yourself take care of yourself. lots of hugs…


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